What Vitamins Does Your Hair Need?

by SANDRA on May 23

The right vitamins are a perfect recipe for healthier, silkier, stronger tresses, and the hair does need these vital nutrients regularly. Vitamins that promote the growth of more attractive, lustrous hair may be taken internally. Such vitamins may also be used to treat existing hair throughthe topical applicationof vitamin-rich serums. There are a variety of vitamin-enriched hair care products available in the marketplace.

If you want to know exactly which vitamins will be best for your locks, you’ll enjoy this quick guide to the most helpful nutrients for glossy, sexy hair:

Biotin – Vitamin H

Typically, Biotin, which is also called Vitamin H, is considered the “miracle vitamin” for hair, as this nutrient, which is technically part of the B vitamin family (despite its “H” name) really helps people to reverse hair loss and dry hair conditions. Biotin is world-renowned for its ability to ameliorate hair growth and its capacity to make the hair that you have already softer, shinier and more resilient.

You need vitamin H

You need vitamin H

Biotin may be taken in pill or capsule form, and there are a variety of Biotin supplements available from online or offline retailers. This type of vitamin works by triggering hair growth. In fact, when people don’t get enough of this nutrient, they may develop a Biotin deficiency that leaves them with thinning hair or sparse eyelashes.

Whether you’d like to stave off further hair loss, or you simply want to enjoy stronger, silkier hair, consider taking 30 mcg of Biotin (which is also called vitamin B7) internally each day. By correcting any existing Biotin deficiency, you may enjoy more new hair growth; in addition, the hair that appears on your scalp may be of markedly better quality. While Biotin won’t work for everyone, it’s certainly the most effective vitamin for your hair, and it does bring good results to most.

Biotin shampoos, conditioners and hair treatment serums may also be used to improveyour hair; these hair products will coat your hair strands and scalp in Biotin-rich formulas that may also contain other beneficial ingredients. However, since they are rinsed off shortly after application, the effectiveness of these products may not rival that of Biotin supplements that are taken internally.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been touted for its positive effects on the human immune system, and it also works to treat hair loss or to restore the beauty of dry and brittle hair. Vitamin C’s value as a “hair care vitamin” stems from its anti-oxidant properties.

Don't forget Vitamin C

Don't forget Vitamin C

By neutralizing damage from free radicals, this powerful vitamin will give your hair a more youthful luster and glow. If you miss the hair that you enjoyed in your younger years, or you’re having way too many “bad hair days”, taking 500mg of this vitamin, which is often sold in a chewable (and tasty) form, may give you the hair that you really want.

Vitamin C-enriched hair care products are also available from chain stores, health food stores, and online suppliers.

Now that you know the top vitamins for hair care, you’ll be ready to make a smart decision about starting a new hair care regimen that features just the right nutrients. Adding these vitamins to your routine may also allow you to enjoy stronger fingernails, longer eyelashes, and a clearer, more radiant complexion.

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