How Fast Does Hair Grow?

by SANDRA on May 23

Hair growth is different for every person, but the average amount of hair growth per month is about half an inch. Sometimes, people may find that it takes far too long to see the hair growth that they want, and they may look for ways to speed up the process.

There are some products (such as natural supplements and shampoos) that will stimulate and nourish the scalp to promote better hair growth by helping to produce thicker, fuller, silkier hair. However, the actual speed of hair growth will remain fairly steady for most people.

Fun Facts about Hair Growth

Hair grows from the follicles; these tiny “anchors” are all over the scalp, and they also hold hair in place once it has grown in. Since the follicles are such a key element in hair production, ensuring that your follicles are healthy will help you to grow lush new hair as fast as you possibly can. When the follicles aren’t getting the nourishment and cleansing that they need to work properly, hair loss and dry, brittle hair may result.

How to Find the Right Products for Rapid Hair Growth and Healthier Hair

Many products care for the follicles by delivering vital moisture and antimicrobial elements exactly where they are needed most. For example, coconut oil shampoos offer soothing moisture and germ-killing power, by virtue of the power of the humble coconut.

Longer hair...

Longer hair...

Coconut fruit is loaded with natural and beneficial active ingredients that are very kind to your follicles. Another bonus of using coconut shampoos is that you hair will be shinier and silkier when you choose these formulas. Coconut contains vitamin E, which is a powerful organic emollient.

You may also apply pure coconut oil to your hair as a scalp treatment; however, due to its oily texture, you may use far too much. Shampoos are a better choice, as manufacturers know exactly how much oil to use for the perfect hair growth effect.

Shampoos and other hair products that contain Biotin (also known as vitamin H) are also great choices for fast and reliable hair growth. Biotin promotes lustrous and healthy hair by correcting vitamin deficiencies.

You may find Biotin shampoos at online retailers, drugstores, chain stores, and health food stores. Biotin conditioners may also be available. Usually, Biotin shampoos will also contain secondary ingredients that promote hair growth, such as vitamins E and C.

If you’d prefer to take supplements for hair growth, rather than using hair care products that are enriched with these ingredients, simply begin a routine where you take one Biotin capsule, one Vitamin E capsule, and one Vitamin C chewable tablet each day.

Hair Growth Takes a Little Time

Long, beautiful hair...

The whole hair growth process takes time, no matter which products you use. While Rogaine and other chemical preparations may promote hair growth, they will not speed up Mother Nature. So, whichever therapy you choose, you will need to have a little patience with the process.

You may find that natural vitamin or botanical-enriched formulas will offer hair growth benefits that are quite measurable, without the stinging and irritation of “heavy-duty” hair growth products like Rogaine.

Now that you know more about how fast hair grows and how you may help the process along, you’ll be ready to choose the right supplements or shampoos for your personal needs.

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